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Tenants’ Top Tips

October 23, 2015 Home life, Top tips Comments Off on Tenants’ Top Tips

The Tenants’ Top Tips to Renting ……

  1. Know what sort of property you are looking for; size, furnishes, with a garden, bath or shower, storage are pets important?
  2. The first big question to establish …fees – who pays for what and when.
  3. If the local tenant demand is high, it’s important to appear keen and reliable – always turn up on time for viewings and have references and reservation fees ready. You could even have your own credit report ready to show prospective landlords/letting agents that you are well organised and can afford the property.
  4. Sources of rental property..web based sources, newspapers, friends, noticeboards etc. MAKE SURE you know who is actually letting and introducing you to the property as this will impact on the fees!
  5. Find out if you move end before the end of your tenancy – liability
  6. Check out the rental property checklist below;

Get all the facts when viewing a rental property

It’s easy to fall in love with a property and rush to move in a matter of days, only to realise you should have asked lots more questions about the letting agent, landlord and the property before you started renting it.

Property viewing checklist

At each rental property viewing take your time to check the property to make sure there are no problems.
  • Check the exterior of the property – are the gutters or any pipes leaking?
  • Check inside – do the lights work? Do taps produce water?
  • Check how the property is heated and ask average heating cost
  • Security – do windows and doors open easily and close securely. Are there adequate locks on the doors?
  • Are there enough electric sockets?
  • Are smoke alarms fitted? And are they connected to the mains, or will you have to replace the batteries?


  1. Questions about the tenancy

It’s important to know from the start how much it will cost you to live in the property, and what you can expect from the landlord/letting agent whilst you’re living there.

Top tenancy questions

  1. How much is the rent on a monthly basis?
  2. What is included in the rent?
  3. What additional bills do you have to pay and how much are they likely to be?
  4. How much deposit is required? Which tenancy deposit protection scheme do you protect the deposit in?
  5. What notice period to quit is required?
  6. Who should you contact in an emergency, such as a flood or fire?
  7. What insurance does the landlord have to cover the property? What do you need to insure yourself? See our guide to home insurance for tenants.


Our research indicates that all parties in the rental process in Jersey experience a lack of transparency; a lack of rental property stock, high costs and perceived poor quality of rental homes.

‘Housing is a key component in people’s lives. A home provides security, stability and comfort. It affects health and well-being; encourages people to participate in social and economic life; and helps to support strong communities’


Read more in our rents matter report here


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