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Think Before You Post

October 23, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments

Be-Safe top tips: Think before you post! Beat Cyberbullying!

Parents and youngsters are advised to regularly talk to each other parents about their youngster’s digital and online experiences. This should include experiences on all devices such as phones, texts, apps and game consoles. Encourage youngsters to talk to either parents and/or teachers about any bullying that may encounter online, and to avoid retaliation, keeping any evidence of the conversations or posts. Remembering to always keep passwords private.

The ‘Postcard Test’ is a useful example to use – youngsters are encouraged to think before they post and assess their messages, deciding whether they would be happy for anyone to read it, like an open postcard… if not… they don’t post the message!

Youngsters are in control of their digital footprint and ultimately they are responsible for pressing that send button

Be-safe Top Tips: YouTube

It can be very entertaining (The Slow Loris getting tickled is my favourite). It can be very educational. It can be inspiring. Overall, it’s great tool and it’s not going away. However, it only takes a few clicks to end up viewing unsuitable content, and this trail of clicks can be very worrying. Did you know YouTube has a Safe Search feature? It is at the bottom of every page, which, when turned on acts as a filter to block harmful material and unsuitable comments.

On mobile devices:

Launch the YouTube app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the menu button in the upper left hand corner. Then select Settings from the menu under your user profile. (You don’t have to be signed in to change search filtering options). Here you’ll see a list of things you can adjust on your YouTube account. Tap on Safe Search Filtering.

*Remember no filter is 100% accurate

Be-Safe Top Tips: Turn off ‘in-app’ purchases

Developers are using in-app features within free apps to boost profits and sales, making a ‘free’ app not so free!.

Open the iPad/iPod/iPhone settings – Choose General settings – Restrictions  This will take you to the screen allowing you to turn on parental restrictions and turn off in-app purchases

Guide to Digital Parenting

The Vodafone Digital Parenting guide offer parents information and advice about the latest digital technologies and the kind of challenges children and teenagers might face in their digital world. It is packed full of tips and advice, including articles on Cyber Bullying. It can be downloaded at

Hard copies of the latest edition of the magazine are available at the Airtel-Vodafone Queen Street store.


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