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It’s Time to Spring Clean your Internet Connected Devices…

November 13, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments

It’s time to spring clean your internet connected devices…

Jersey Police, Airtel-Vodafone, Sure, JT & Digital Jersey endorse the ‘Get Safe Online’ campaign for us all to spring clean our computers, laptops, tablets & phones, to help prevent you from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

This follows recent research revealing over half of Brits have experienced an online crime – it seems that people are not taking the necessary precautions to protect their technology. Just one in four puts security software on their mobiles or tablets (26% and 25% respectively), putting them at a significantly higher risk of spyware, spam, viruses and fraud.

More than half (54%) of mobile phone users and around a third (37%) of laptop owners also do not have a password or PIN for their device. That figure rises to over half (59%) for desktop computer users and two thirds (67%) of tablet owners.

Get Safe Online recommend you take the following steps:

– Make sure you install security software on all devices from a reputable supplier
– Keep all software on your device up to date, including security software, operating systems and internet browsers
– Whether it’s a phone, website or a social media account, your first line of defence is a PIN or password so give

yours a refresh this Spring

– Never use the same password and make sure it is hard to guess (don’t use your pet’s name, your birthday or your favourite football team)
– Make sure your home WiFi is protected with a strong password that only you and your family know

In addition, if you are disposing of any old computers, laptops, phones or tablets, remember that they still hold a lot of information about you and should be disposed of safely. – for a wealth of great information.

Each edition we will provide additional simple tips to help. In addition we will post tips on our Facebook page Jersey-Consumer-Council-facebook

Get Safe Online is a public / private sector partnership supported by HM Government and leading organisations in banking, retail, internet security and other sectors.


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