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Apps and Age

October 21, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments
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Apps and Age ….

Like movies, apps have age restrictions to ensure content is safe and appropriate for our children. This information is displayed clearly on the app before it is downloaded; making the age rating one of the first things users see when deciding to download.

Also check to see if the App requires ‘In-App’ purchases as this can quickly add up unwanted costs. Make sure you are fully informed before you download.

However in some circumstances, like watching movies, you may decide to let your child download an app above their age limit. If you find yourself in this difficult position, always…

  • Check the content of the app thoroughly- is it suitable?
  • Does it allow social interactions with others? Is your child is prepared for this- 
remember our stranger danger and cyber bullying messages
  • Can you set your own settings? Perhaps set these up together with your child, make sure you limit 
profiles carefully, selecting private wherever possible.
To find out more visit the CEOP’s thinkuknow website which is full of 
useful information and links.


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