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A Guide to your Rights when Flying

January 26, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments

Flying off on Holiday

Check out our Plane Facts guide which highlights your rights if things go wrong

It is important to be aware of your rights:

If your flight is delayed or cancelled you are entitled to assistance and in some cases compensation. If you are denied boarding because the airline has overbooked the flight, you are entitled to compensation.

Your rights are protected by European Law (Regulation (EC) 261/2004) and are the same regardless of the airline you are travelling with.

Your rights are protected for any flight from within the European Union (EU) and on flights from a non-EU country into the EU, provided the airline is licensed in the EU.

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Travel Insurance

January 26, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments

Travel Insurance

Going on Holiday? Its easy to forget to arrange the travel insurance in the excitement of planning your break.

Top Tips for Travel Insurance:
  1. Make sure that the medical cover is adequate – to help pay medical bills £2 million medical cover is advised by Which for just Europe and £5 million for worldwide.
  2. Cover your gadgets – you may need to extend your home insurance to cover as single items on your travel policy may only be covered for £250.
  3. Missed flights and missed connections (make sure that this includes the Channel Islands)
  4. Check the cancellation provisions – how much are you covered for in the event of the holiday being cancelled by unexpected events e.g. illness.
  5. A good travel insurance policy should provide cover for Illness, injury or death while you are away; Repatriation (getting you back home
  6. Check that the policy covers
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Student Money Savers

October 23, 2015 Budget, Money Matters No Comments

student saver

10 Simple Steps to Save Money at Uni

For the majority, saving enough money to last the whole term at university is a forlorn endeavour. Indeed, according to research by it will only take the average student 51 days to burn through their first student loan installment. Once that installment arrives it sits in your account menacingly and the temptation to spend is rife.

Students aren’t prepared for the consumer driven journey they are about to embark upon – whilst they may have passed their exams to gain entry to these establishments, they have been taught no life lessons on how to be “cash savvy”. There are a myriad of ways for students to cut costs however, and we at the Consumer Council have therefore constructed 10 simple steps, which we hope can prevent that first term loan becoming a premature groan:

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