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Wills Matter

November 16, 2015 Home life No Comments

Wills Matter

We were delighted to host a great lunchtime seminar all about Wills. The talk had even the hardiest of listener contemplating how soon they would get cracking with making their will. It became quickly evident in our discussions that there would be many complications, family disputes and emotional roller-coaster rides following your passing for your family should you not have taken time to make a Will.
The talk went into details about a variety of areas including:

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Community Mediation

November 10, 2015 Consumer Skills No Comments

Community mediation

Jersey Citizens Advice is a hub for legal services and many seeking solutions to their legal queries use our service as the first port of call. Whilst none of our staff are lawyers, we enjoy very strong connections with local law firms.

Legal issues are therefore always high on our agenda being the third biggest single issue that our office dealt with 2014, with 1132 advice issues being recorded. The community mediation service is a solution that can help resolve disputes that are below £10,000 in value.

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Critical Illness Insurance

October 27, 2015 Insurances No Comments

Critical illness insurance- How critical is it?

Research conducted by Omega Financial Services who advise on Critical Illness policies have established that a quarter of Critical Illness claims in the UK occur before the age of 40!

Back in 1986 Abbey Life launched the first Critical Illness policy with just 5 conditions covered, now there can be as many as 64 critical conditions covered.

People need to consider taking out appropriate cover earlier in life when premiums are cheaper. The excuse of ‘it won’t happen to me because I am young’ could not be more wrong.

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Peer Pressure Purchasing

October 27, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

Peer pressure purchasing – how do we break the pattern?

“PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Absolutely everybody else has got one! It’s not fair!”

Sound familiar? Our parents would probably have replied, “I don’t care if everyone else has got one – we can’t afford it and you’re not having one!”. You laugh, but shouldn’t more of us be doing the same?

Saying no to our children is not always easy and if recent research figures are to be believed, the average parent spends £460* each year on things they do not need, but their children have persuaded them to buy. ‘Pester power’ is power indeed.

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Online Gambling

October 26, 2015 Home life, Money Matters No Comments
Gambling photo

Online Gambling – Harmless hobby or destructive diversion?

Gambling is “the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods”. People are innately attracted by risk, with the opportunity to bank a quick buck being an alluring prospect. But when does gambling go from being a manageable past time to an ever-engrossing problem? Does the online-gambling revolution have a major part to play in all of this?

On the surface Jersey would appear to be gambling central. We have no less than 29 Betting Shops freckling our shores – In January the JEP indicated that we have more than double the number of bookmakers compared to similar size areas in the UK. On the flipside, there is an argument that it would more prudent for customers to have a flutter amongst the bricks and mortar than entering the world of online gaming.

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Life Insurance

October 23, 2015 Insurances No Comments

Life Insurance ….

Is life insurance another expensive ploy? Our research indicates that life insurance is a worthwhile commitment depending upon your circumstances.

There are lifetime events that might lead you to consider purchasing life insurance; such as becoming a parent, getting married, a change in your income level, moving home, buying a house or taking out a substantial loan (for buying a car etc.).

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Think Before You Post

October 23, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments

Be-Safe top tips: Think before you post! Beat Cyberbullying!

Parents and youngsters are advised to regularly talk to each other parents about their youngster’s digital and online experiences. This should include experiences on all devices such as phones, texts, apps and game consoles. Encourage youngsters to talk to either parents and/or teachers about any bullying that may encounter online, and to avoid retaliation, keeping any evidence of the conversations or posts. Remembering to always keep passwords private.

The ‘Postcard Test’ is a useful example to use – youngsters are encouraged to think before they post and assess their messages, deciding whether they would be happy for anyone to read it, like an open postcard… if not… they don’t post the message!

Youngsters are in control of their digital footprint and ultimately they are responsible for pressing that send button

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