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Bag of Basics

April 6, 2020 Comments Off on Bag of Basics

Alliance Supermarket and taxi drivers sign up to deliver Bag of Basics

6 April, 2020 Press Release

Alliance Supermarket has become the first food retailer in the Island to sign up to a special Jersey Consumer Council scheme offering to deliver ‘Bag of Basics’ for a set fee.

Teaming up with the Island’s taxi drivers, the Council put the call out for food retailers and suppliers to help provide those Islanders struggling to get to a supermarket or food shop to have a simple bag of supplies delivered to their door.

Alliance Supermarket, which has four outlets across the Island, has agreed to help kick-start the initiative, which will launch tomorrow (TUESDAY 7/4/20).

The JCC has used the information and data it has been collecting on food prices since the autumn to determine the content and cost of the Bag of Basics. Costing £20 – which includes delivery – the bag is a standard and set group of items that, on average, every household will use. There is no limit on the number of orders, no age or health restrictions and, importantly, no swapping of items.

Consumer Council Chairman Carl Walker said: ‘We are delighted to be able to get this scheme launched with the support of such a big retailer in Jersey and thank Alliance for helping us.

‘We understand that all food retailers are trying their best to meet the demands of the consumer and food delivery is becoming more important as each day passes. This approach allows the consumer to know exactly what they will get, keeps it simple for the retailers and easy for the deliverers. We are aware that this will not be the long-term solution, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

‘In order for this to work for everyone, it has to be kept as simple as possible. Therefore, it is important that we do not discriminate. There are perfectly healthy or young people who,

through no fault of their own but due to their own personal circumstances, simply cannot get to a food shop routinely enough to keep the house running. This Bag of Basics is simple and enough to see them through until they – or someone else – can do a fuller and bigger shop.

‘Food delivery is going to become hugely important this year, but it will take time for Jersey to adapt. In the meantime, we have taxi drivers out of work – who know the Island’s roads like no one else – and food retailers are looking for more ways to get their items delivered. It therefore makes perfect sense to put the two together. And doing so means the food retailers can keep things simple, reach the people they need to, while allowing the drivers to earn a small amount also.’

Mick Tostevin, Jersey Taxi Drivers’ Association Secretary, said: ‘We are pleased to be helping the local community by supporting the Jersey Consumer Council with their initiative to work with Alliance in order to offer Islanders the opportunity to purchase essential goods delivered to their homes for a set fee.’

Nicky De Veulle, Finance Director for Alliance commented: “We are really pleased to be able to launch this initiative together with the JCC. ‘Bag of Basics’ not only provides a service to those people who are struggling to do their shopping but also allows us to support taxi drivers who are currently out of work. We look forward to working together with the JCC and the islands taxi drivers and hope that the service provides customers with an easier way of accessing these essential items during this difficult period.”

To order a Bag of Basics, which costs £20, Islanders should email, giving their name, address and telephone number, or call 01534 786746 between the hours of 9.00am and 12.00pm noon, Monday to Friday, beginning from tomorrow, Tuesday 7 April. Payment will be taken over the telephone so that no cash is exchanged. The driver will leave the shopping on the doorstep, knock on the door and return to their vehicle. All necessary health and hygiene precautions will be taken.

The contents of the bag will be:
2 x 1 litre of blue milk, loaf of medium white sliced bread, Tesco salted butter, six free eggs, 500g Fusilli pasta, 4-pack toilet roll, tin chopped tomatoes, tin of Heinz Baked Beans, white potatoes (2kg-2.5kg) and a selection of fruit.

Home Deliveries

April 1, 2020 Comments Off on Home Deliveries

In these unusual times, local businesses are adapting to ensure their customers can still access their products and services. From food stores and restaurants to beauty salons and office supplies, you can now arrange deliveries to your door.
The Consumer Council has created the below list of known delivery options and other businesses can be found on sites, such as, and

Here is our most current list:

Food and Drinks
Classic Herd
CoOp – essential food for vulnerable only
Corkscrew, Central Market
Dorset Street Stores
Douet Farm
Dunell’s Wine
Fungi Delecti
Get Fresh
Gorey Wine Cellar (min £50)
Harper’s Catering
Holme Grown
La Collette Cold Stores
Love Wine
Lucas Brothers Farm shop
Randalls Jersey
Rondel’s Farm shop
Samares Stores
Scoop The Sustainable Co-Op
St John’s Village Stores
The Kitchen Cupboard
Stinky Bay Brewing Company
The Little Jersey Biltong Company
The Organic Shop
Valley Foods
Victor HugoWoodside Farm shop

Cafes and Restaurants
Baranne’s Health Stores
Beresford Street Kitchen
Meat and Eat
Nude Food
Off the Rails
Pink Panda
Salty Dog
Seymour Hotels:
– Greenhills (afternoon tea and Sunday lunch)

Le Quesne’s Pharmacies
LV Pharmacy

Pet Supplies
Animal Kingdom
Bank Nouveau
Classic Pets (human food available too)
K9 Wellness
Raw N More
The Pet Cabin

Decorare Jersey
Eastern Garden Machinery
Fortuna Euronics
JEC Powerhouse
Jersey Oak
JFTU, Sion
Mercury laundry & cleaning
Office Plus
Pebble Home & Boutique
Ransoms Garden Centre
Star Laundry

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