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The Baked Bean Journey & Food Costs

October 27, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

The Humble Baked Bean…4000 miles and counting!

Everyone recognises the Heinz baked bean. But, what most consumers don’t recognise is the rather extensive journey our beloved beans undergo in order to reach our households in the Channel Islands.

We can purchase a can (415g) of Heinz baked beans for an average of 72p in the shops across Jersey. To some, this still remains a price subject to of the now constant criticism ‘well you wouldn’t pay that in England.

The fact of the matter is our little bean has a great distance to travel in order to satisfy consumers in both the UK and the Channel Islands. Along this estimated journey of over 4,000 miles and counting, the commodity is subject to numerous taxations, dues and other cost-incurring procedures which impact on its final price.

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