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SCAM Letters …are Attempted Fraud

November 16, 2015 Scams No Comments

SCAM Letters …are attempted fraud

Do these look familiar to you or is someone you know receiving similar letters?

Here are some simple steps to follow to minimise the impact of these unwanted and nasty letters

  1. Do NOT respond in any way
  2. Call the Police on 612612 or call in to the main reception to let them know you are being targeted.
  3. Drop your SCAM letters in one our secure collection bins at Citizens Advice Bureau, Trading Standards & Rue Des Pres Postal headquarters.
  4. Talk to some one about the letters – a friend, relative, anyone share the experience to help warn others and to give you support.

Remember you are not alone but by working together we can help each other to stay safe and not be tempted to get the alleged winnings.

Please be assured that our local Police need to know about the SCAM letters so that they can build a better picture about SCAMS so that they in turn work with other agencies around the world to stop the SCAMMERS. Although on occasion you may not be asked to give a statement they want to hear from you.

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