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Amazon phone scam

June 26, 2020 Scams No Comments

Be on your guard! Scammers are getting more devious.

We’ve been made aware of several Amazon related phone scams in the last couple of days. The calls vary in what is being asked but here is a couple we know of:

1). An automated message stating that £7.99 will be deducted from your account for your Amazon Prime membership, and if you do not want this to happen you should press option 1. A real person then tells you that to stop the payment being made you must download an app called TeamViewer.
Do not do this. TeamViewer gives the person full access to your computer, iPad, phone etc
Hang up the phone immediately.

2). ‘Amazon’ calls about a new subscription to Amazon Prime which will be charged to your credit card. In order to cancel this payment, they need your authority and request your email address and/or your Amazon account password.
Never give away any personal information to anyone who has called you out of the blue. states they will never ask you for:
– payment or offer you a refund you do not expect.
– payment outside of our website (e.g. via bank transfer, e-mailing credit card details, sharing gift card details over the phone, etc.)
– remote access to your device e.g. by asking you to install an app.
Do not share any personal information.
Disconnect the call immediately.


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