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Primary Health Care – Survey Report 2013

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Reports & Publications No Comments
Primary Care

Primary Health Care Report

6 ‘Target’ themes emerged from the survey

1. Transparency

Consumers lack clarity over costs incurred at general practitioners (GPs), dentists and other

2. Accessibility

Consumers report avoiding care from GPs and dentists due to costs and identify using A&E as
an alternative. Ability to pay for primary healthcare does not reflect willingness to pay; selfreported
attendances to A&E for ‘non-urgent’ problems were as common in high income as
low income groups.

3. Relationships

Better relationships can be developed between patients, public and providers. Dialogue and
feedback may be supported through traditional focus groups and online patient forums.

4. Governance

Quality Assurance is needed for consumers using primary healthcare. We suggest this includes
a formalised complaints procedure and a public information strategy to advise and signpost
patients towards appropriate points of care.

5. Elderly Care

Respondents suggested frequently that prescription exemptions for the elderly should
be considered. Public information is needed for consumers and providers of nursing and
residential care to clarify the impact of the Health White Paper and forthcoming Long Term
Care legislation on assets and mechanisms of funding care.

6. Toddlers & Under 5’s

Respondents frequently suggested that universal free or subsidised access to GP appointments
should be made available for the under 5’s. Prescription charge exemptions for this group
were also frequently suggested for consideration.

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