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Guarantees and Extended Warranties

October 23, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

Guarantees and warranties only add to your rights – they don’t replace them.


Find out if your guarantee is with the manufacturer of the goods or the trader. This should be clear and unambiguous. Ask for details before you make a purchase as this may affect your decision (particularly with larger contracts, for example to supply windows and conservatories).

Top Tips: Remember to get details of your guarantee in writing. If your guarantee us with a company and they cease trading, your guarantee may well be worthless.

  • Check that wording carefully. See what the warranty or guarantee does and does not cover. Fair wear and tear and misuse will not be covered.
  • Check the procedures for making a claim:
    • Will the warranty pay for repairs up front or will you have to pay first and then claim the money back.
    • Is there a local service agent who can Extended warranties can be expensive
    • carry out repairs or will you have to send the item to the UK?
    • Who is responsible for costs incurred for carriage.

Always keep details of any guarantee or warranty with your original receipt and any service note of serial numbers for future reference.

compared to repair costs for typical faults, but some consumers value the peace of mind they offer.

  • Check your own home insurance policy, which may cover some of the same ground.
  • When the appliance is purchased by credit card, check whether the credit provider offers any extended warranty and if so, what is covered and for how long.

Regular Servicing

Some goods you buy have to regularly serviced in order to maintain the guarantee or warranty. A typical example is your motor vehicle. If you fail to have the appropriate service within a set time period or number of miles, your guarantee or warranty may become invalid.

Check the conditions to find out what your responsibilities are.

Extended warranties

These enable you to repair – possibly replace faulty appliances after the end of the manufacturer’s free guarantee. They may also offer additional benefits such as theft or damage insurance for the whole period of cover.

Top Tips: Think carefully about whether an extended warranty is a good deal for you.

  • Extended warranties can cost up to 50 per cent of the purchase price of the appliance.


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