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Claiming Benefit: Information you’ll need for Income Support

November 4, 2015 Home life, Money Matters No Comments

Claiming benefit: personal information you’ll need for Income Support

If you’re living in Jersey on a low income you may be eligible for financial help from the Social Security Department.  For most people this is through the Income Support benefit, which provides means-tested assistance towards the costs of living, housing, medical needs and childcare.  Extra money is available to help people with long-term illnesses or disabilities, and special payments are also available to help towards a range of one-off costs.

To apply for Income Support, one adult in the household must have been continuously resident in Jersey for five years before the date of the application, or for ten years in the past.  People of working age must either be working, looking for work or have a good reason they cannot work.

To check whether you are eligible for Income Support, the Social Security Department will ask you for documents to prove your household situation and income.  Some of these might take a few days to obtain, so it is recommended that you get your information in order as soon as possible.

It is a good idea to first telephone or visit Social Security to see if you might be entitled to help.  Information is available online, but staff are happy to take information over the phone or in person to estimate whether you might qualify for benefit.  At the same time, they will tell you which documents you will need to bring in.

The most important information you’ll need to provide includes:

  • Your identity: everybody in your household will need to show their birth certificate, and the main claimant will need to produce photo ID in person.  Social Security will need to know whether young adults are working or are still in education
  • Income:  Social Security will need to see details of all the income that your household receives.  This includes wages (recent pay slips, a job contract); maintenance (copy of the court order); pensions (statements showing your private or occupational pension details); and benefits from other countries (such as a UK pension).  You’ll need to provide details of any job that has finished in the last six months, and any other income to your household (rent from a lodger, insurance policy, etc)
  • Capital: you’ll need to show Social Security bank statements for the last three months, for every account and investment held by each person in your household.  You’ll also need to provide details if you own any property, land or other assets
  • Where you live: details of the accommodation that you live in and, if you pay rent,  confirmation of the amount that you pay (rent book or a letter from your landlord)
  • Residence: Social Security will check whether each adult has been in Jersey for the last five years, or ten years at any time in the past.  If you have been working in Jersey, Social Security will check your contribution record.   The Department will also consider other types of evidence, including school records and information from your landlord.

For more information, please call Social Security on 445505, visit the Department in La Motte Street or go to


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