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October 23, 2015 Consumer Skills No Comments

Top Tips when shopping online…

  1. Always check out reviews on a web based company
  2. Ask for recommendations from friends and family to ensure 
they received reliable and fair service
  3. Check the terms and conditions .. see if they are poorly written as this may indicate a site outside of the UK. You need to be aware of where the site is based as this impacts on your consumer rights.
  4. Make sure the company shows a full postal address
  5. Possibly test the telephone number; to see if they answer
  6. Make sure you are buying goods in sterling as sometimes the currency may switch as you progress through the website. You need to make sure you know which currency you are buying in.
  7. Check the returns policy – who pays for sending the goods back?
  8. Will the UK based company deduct the VAT and if so is there an impact on the postage cost?
  9. Check the traders details for cancelling orders; it may be more difficult if the trader is outside of the UK
  10. Just because the web address is for example it doesn’t follow that the company trading is based in the UK (see above)
  11. A website may have certain measures to help with security i.e. the padlock icon when checking out or the http changes to https. The absence of these may indicate a less secure site.
  12. Remember that you have less consumer rights if buying from outside of Jersey, UK and the EU
  13. Always make use of the parcel tracking to see where your delivery is on a day-to-day basis.
  14. If you find a website which doesn’t deliver to Jersey you could for example get a quote from ship2me. (Tel: 0845 800 1034) to help get your goods.


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