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12 Top Tips Buying Goods & Services

October 21, 2015 Consumer Skills No Comments

12 Top Tips to Buying Goods and Services

    1. Do your research.

      What do you know about the business you are sending your money to? Have they got a good reputation, are there internet blogs or forums full of complaints? Google the name of the person or company and see what pops up. Try telephoning the supplier to see if they answer the calls as this may give you an insight into the way they conduct their business.

    2. Are you clear on the price?

      Have you looked at their terms and conditions to see if they will deduct VAT, will they deliver to Jersey, how much will this cost, how long will it take and will you have to pay GST on the import?

    1. Are you likely to change your mind and want to send the item back?

      Really, really check the suppliers terms and conditions. If they are a reputable business your rights to cancel will be very clear, if not, steer clear! You will be liable to the cost of return if you simply change your mind so how much will this cost?

    2. What method of payment should you use?

      Whenever possible, for goods or services over £100 try to use a credit card as you may be afforded additional protection if your goods never arrive, the business closes or the goods and services are not as described. We don’t advocate building up credit card debt so you need to discipline yourself to pay off the balance but the extra protection is worth the effort.

    3. Look to see how the business deals with faulty goods or non-deliveries.

      A reputable business will have instructions on how to contact them, return goods and what redress you are entitled to.

    4. How do you know if branded goods are genuine?

      In short you don’t unless you are absolutely sure you are buying from an authorised outlet. A new website has just been launched to help you identify genuine suppliers. Go to brand-i.orgHow do you know if the goods you are buying are safe? 
Have they come from a reputable supplier. Inspect the goods and packaging very carefully. Do they come with clear instructions for use and warnings? Are there spelling mistakes or obvious quality issues?

    1. Buying live animals …

      seek specialist help. Contact the States Vets on 441600.

    2. When you are buying from a private individual you have considerably less protection.

      How easy would it be to get in touch if things went wrong? Do you know what your rights are and how would you enforce these if the individual is off island?

    3. Do you know who your contract is with?

      If you are buying from a platform like Amazon, take care to check out who the actual seller is. Are you buying from Amazon, a business using the Amazon platform or a private individual?

    4. What law applies to your contract when things go wrong?

      Whilst statutory consumer rights in Jersey are similar to those found in the UK, when you enter into a contract you will be subject to the law and jurisdiction in that country. How will you know about or exercise these rights and will there be any language barriers? Are there specific requirements you will need to fulfil to process legal redress?

    What to do if you are struggling with a consumer dispute?

    Contact Trading Standards

    tel: 448160
    They will offer free confidential advice.


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