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Rents Matter

November 9, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Reports & Publications No Comments
Rent Sign

Rents Matter

Executive Summary

Our research indicates that all parties in the rental process in Jersey experience a lack of transparency; a lack of rental property stock, high costs and perceived poor quality of rental homes.

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Primary Health Care – Survey Report 2013

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Reports & Publications No Comments
Primary Care

Primary Health Care Report

6 ‘Target’ themes emerged from the survey

1. Transparency

Consumers lack clarity over costs incurred at general practitioners (GPs), dentists and other

2. Accessibility

Consumers report avoiding care from GPs and dentists due to costs and identify using A&E as
an alternative. Ability to pay for primary healthcare does not reflect willingness to pay; selfreported
attendances to A&E for ‘non-urgent’ problems were as common in high income as
low income groups.

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Primary Healthcare Matters 2014

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Reports & Publications No Comments

Healthcare Healthcare Matters


determined to make a real & valued difference. Advocate Rose Colley, Consumer Council Chairman says ‘it is imperative that the patient is the focal point of our health change process and the ensuing results. The Council recognises the need to ensure that budget is not over looked but a health service suitable for island life is delivered’

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Dentist Report 2014

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Reports & Publications No Comments

Dental Charges in Jersey

In 2012 the Consumer Council highlighted that Islanders are avoiding visiting a dentist based on cost.
Our 2012 Primary Health survey indicated that 27% of respondents felt Dental charges were so expensive it’s stopped them from visiting a dentist.

Which, February 2015 revealed that people who delay and cancel dental treatments because of cost can result in losing teeth, undiagnosed oral cancer and have serious health implications.

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Money Matters report

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Information Leaflets, Reports & Publications No Comments
Money matters report

Money Matters

Three key messages emerged from our survey:

  • We must all take personal responsibility for
    our financial health;
  • We must all research our facts and ask questions to help us make informed decisions and to better understand the bigger picture of what financial health entails – over the short, medium and long term;
  • Most importantly we must NEVER put our head in the sand – financial difficulties escalate not diminish!
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