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Student Money Savers

October 23, 2015 Budget, Money Matters No Comments

student saver

10 Simple Steps to Save Money at Uni

For the majority, saving enough money to last the whole term at university is a forlorn endeavour. Indeed, according to research by it will only take the average student 51 days to burn through their first student loan installment. Once that installment arrives it sits in your account menacingly and the temptation to spend is rife.

Students aren’t prepared for the consumer driven journey they are about to embark upon – whilst they may have passed their exams to gain entry to these establishments, they have been taught no life lessons on how to be “cash savvy”. There are a myriad of ways for students to cut costs however, and we at the Consumer Council have therefore constructed 10 simple steps, which we hope can prevent that first term loan becoming a premature groan:

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Renting your Home and Condition Reports

October 23, 2015 Home life, Money Matters No Comments

Renting your Home Condition Report

Will Condition Reports help solve rental deposit disputes?

Disputes over the partial or non-return of rental deposits have consistently been amongst the most common issues of concern brought to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

It is therefore in order to ensure fairness between landlord and tenant that the introduction of the compulsory use of Condition Reports for landlords and agents who let accommodation under a residential tenancy agreement (‘tenancy agreement’) is so welcomed. But what do both parties need to do?

Details are available on the site at

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12 Top Tips Buying Goods & Services

October 21, 2015 Consumer Skills No Comments

12 Top Tips to Buying Goods and Services

  1. Do your research.

    What do you know about the business you are sending your money to? Have they got a good reputation, are there internet blogs or forums full of complaints? Google the name of the person or company and see what pops up. Try telephoning the supplier to see if they answer the calls as this may give you an insight into the way they conduct their business.

  2. Are you clear on the price?

    Have you looked at their terms and conditions to see if they will deduct VAT, will they deliver to Jersey, how much will this cost, how long will it take and will you have to pay GST on the import?

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Apps and Age

October 21, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments
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Apps and Age ….

Like movies, apps have age restrictions to ensure content is safe and appropriate for our children. This information is displayed clearly on the app before it is downloaded; making the age rating one of the first things users see when deciding to download.

Also check to see if the App requires ‘In-App’ purchases as this can quickly add up unwanted costs. Make sure you are fully informed before you download.

However in some circumstances, like watching movies, you may decide to let your child download an app above their age limit. If you find yourself in this difficult position, always…

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APR – Annual Percentage Rate

October 21, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

APR – Annual Percentage Rate

Annual Percentage Rate

Everyone has heard of the abbreviated term “APR” but what does it exactly mean? And if we need a loan what are the conditions that we need to adhere to?

APR stands for “the Annual Percentage Rate of charge” and it can be used to compare different credit and loan offers. It is used as a measuring mechanism, which takes into account not just the interest on a loan, but also other charges incurred for borrowing the money (i.e. any arrangement fee).

APR will vary from lender to lender, but in short, the APR tells you how much your borrowing will cost over the course of a year, as a proportion of the amount you have borrowed. So if you are borrowing £100 at an APR of 9%, you will pay £9 in interest and charges over the first year.

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What are Contactless Payments?

October 21, 2015 Banking No Comments

What is Contactless?

Contactless is a function on certain debit, credit and prepaid cards that allows you to make a quick and easy payment for goods or services for an amount that is £30 or less without entering a PIN.

The embedded chip allows you to wave or place your card over a reader at the point of sale.

Where you see the contactless wave displayed (like the one on this page) and have a contactless card (debit, credit or prepaid), you can make a contactless payment where the amount is for less than £30.

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