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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Sept 2018 Edtn 88 JCC Newsletter

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Jersey Issues

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Jersey Health Watch – our newest price comparison website to be launched next week.

The Unfair Commercial Practices Law – 12 simple points you should know

‘We need joined up thinking – when it comes to the retail sector’ – Carl Walker, Chair

When your bank writes to you – what should you do?

All change at the Consumer Council – meet the new members

22 lunchtime talks to choose from

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Meet the new Consumer Council

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We are pleased to introduce you to our new members of the Consumer Council. The eight everyday islanders’ have been recruited to help tackle and highlight consumer issues

Under the leadership of newly-elected Chairman Carl Walker, the new members will help shape the views of the Consumer Council by drawing on their day-to-day experiences of island life.

“Our role is to be the consumers’ champion. We investigate and publicise anomalies in consumer affairs and provide Islanders with accurate and timely information to help them make informed decisions.”

Carl has made up a Council from a cross-section of the community so that all consumers are being represented. The Council investigates and publicises anomalies in consumer affairs and provide Islanders with accurate and timely information to help them make informed decisions.

We are constituted to

  • Help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing goods and services. For example, we offer tips and guidance on how to employ a tradesman; advice on the ins and outs of different phone and broadband packages and explain how consumer feedback helps shape services for others.
  • Undertake research and surveys to measure public opinion. We then present our findings to the public and to those who are in a position to respond to the results and make any necessary changes.
  • Raise consumer concerns with decision makers and policymakers within businesses and at the States of Jersey. This is on a whole range of issues, including primary health, transport difficulties, fuel prices and much more.

Front row left to right;

Sheila Ponomarenko, Anne King (executive officer) Michael Sampson, Pat Le Masurier

Back Row left to right

Curt Volpert , Mike Le Galle, Dave Crocker, Amanda Shaw,  Laurent Ybert, Carl Walker (Chair)

The aim of the JCC is to encourage businesses to put the consumer first and to help those consumers understand the issues that matter to them.