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Condor Jersey Consumer Group Goes Full Steam Ahead

October 7, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments
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Consumer Group is talking openly and honestly

  • Jersey Condor Consumer Group is delighted to report that they are engaging in increasingly open and constructive discussions with Condor’s Senior Management Team, to address the frustrations that many passengers have recently been experiencing.


  • Issues that the Condor Consumer Group has been tackling, at a grass roots level, include:- passenger timetabling and reliability; fare structures; communication between the ferry operator and its passengers – particularly with regard to handling delays – and on-board practicalities and comfort. Members have also challenged Condor on the reliability of the Liberation vessel; contingency planning and how the company bases its decisions, when planning the services it offers.


  • The Group has contributed to Condor’s ‘Comprehensive Service Review’, commissioned by the States of Jersey; the States of Guernsey and Condor itself.


  • Chaired by the Jersey Consumer Council, the Condor Consumer Group, which was formed in May 2016, has now met five times and comprises senior managers and customer services staff from Condor (including CEO Paul Luxon) and a dozen passenger representatives (selected to reflect the broad customer profile using Condor’s services between France, Guernsey and the UK).


  • The Jersey Consumer Council was asked to chair the Condor Consumer Group by Senator Lyndon Farnham, to remove the forum from the political arena and any potential conflicts of interest.       The Consumer Council has substantial expertise in the consumer and travel sectors and, whilst it has no remit to enforce changes of business practice at Condor, it was felt by the Senator that the Council could provide the impartiality and support required to optimise the efforts of the Group and the impetus to encourage any changes required.


Executive officer of the Jersey Consumer Council, Anne King, who chairs the Condor Consumer Group comments: “We are delighted that this positive-minded, independent, collaborative forum has opened up a constructive face-to-face dialogue between both parties – our aim is to focus on working with the team at Condor to improve the aspects of their service which they CAN alter, rather than just criticising the company for the things that they can’t.


“We have used the first few meetings to get to know the specific needs of passengers and understand the nitty gritty of the frustrations that they have been experiencing. Similarly, the sessions have given Condor staff the opportunity to explain some of the limitations placed upon them by circumstances beyond their control and to look at how they can address passenger frustrations, in order to optimise the service the company provides.“We are looking forward to seeing service improvements, resulting from the Group’s discussions, in the near future – the Group’s Condor representatives have reassured us that the company is looking into the issues we have raised very seriously. Based on the meetings we have had so far, we are confident that the Group can serve to greatly improve relations between Condor and the passengers it serves. ”


Chief executive officer of Condor Ferries, Paul Luxon said: “We are pleased that the Jersey Condor Consumer Group has provided us with a positive forum whereby we can look at the finer details of how we best serve our passengers. We have also shared with members of the group our operating improvement plans which are well underway, along with our improved reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction statistics, to show where we have made and continue to make, progress for our passengers.”


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