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Keeping in Touch With Friends and Family

November 18, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments



If you wish to stay in touch with friends and family either in the UK or overseas, here are some tips/information to help you through the various options of how to make the call as cost effective as possible. It no longer needn’t be expensive.

Whether you’re calling from a landline, or mobile, you need to shop around for the best deal that suits you. If like many people, you have a smart phone, computer or tablet, the options available to you are even more varied and calls can either be free or at a very low cost indeed.

In our previous JCC Newsletter, we wrote a similar article about ways in which to reduce the costs of making telephone calls. In that article, we mentioned that it is possible to access certain UK-based telephone providers for making very low cost international calls. Unfortunately, such access numbers are not available from Channel Island numbers. We got it wrong and for that we apologise.

Calling from a Landline

In Jersey, the two current providers of landline services are JT and Sure.

Jersey Telecom

JT has two landline rental options, namely JT Coreline, most widely used tariff (£13.24 per month) and JT15 (£14.53 per month).
JT Coreline is for local calls to other local landline numbers, JT charge a connection charge of 7p per call and thereafter the call charges are 0.23p per minute. For a call to the UK, the charge is 7p connection charge plus 3.5p per minute. Thus a 30 minute call to the UK for example would cost you 7p + (30×3.5p) = £1.12 (+GST)
If you make a lot of international calls, JT15 is probably your better option. ‘15’ refers to 15 of the most popular overseas call destinations for 5p per minute at anytime. The 15 countries include Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Madeira, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, Poland, USA, Canada, Netherlands and France. So for example, a 30 minute call to any of these countries would cost 7p + (30 x 5p) = £1.57 (+GST). Remember that a call to the UK costs the same on Coreline as it would on JT15
If you make a lot of calls to local mobile numbers from your landline, for £4.00 per month, you can add 1,000 minutes per month to local mobile numbers. For £10.00 per month, JT Coreline SuperTalk offers 2,000 minutes to all local mobiles and landlines.
Please note that a 12-month contract applies to new connections and service takeovers.
JT also offers a ‘Friends and Family Abroad’ product where they give you a FREE UK mobile number to add to your existing JT Mobile SIM. Having a UK mobile number added to your SIM means everyone, in the UK, can call you for the price of a local call, or it will be included in their own overall monthly mobile minutes bundle.


Examples of some of Sure’s landline calling charges are as follows:
Calls to Call rate
(Pence per minute)
Connection charge
Jersey landlines 0.2 6p minimum per call NB this is not a set up fee which is charged in addition to the per minute fee – just if a call costs less than 6p, this would apply
UK landlines 3 0
Guernsey landlines 3 0
C.I. mobiles 12 0
UK mobiles 20 0
Poland, Portugal 3 0
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, Italy 7 0

Prices published are exclusive of GST.
Other than a 6p minimum charge per call for calls made to local landlines, Sure do not charge a connection fee for calls made to the UK, other Channel islands or international destinations.
Thus with Sure, a 30 minute call to the UK would cost you 3p x 30 =£0.90 + GST.

Calling from a Mobile Phone

Remember that for UK calls some local mobile providers bundle UK landline and mobile minutes in the monthly rental, which is often the most cost effective way of calling. In addition, for a small additional charge, some operators offer bolt-ons, allowing you to call any international landlines or mobiles and send SMS text messages to other mobiles, wherever they are in the world. As offers are constantly changing, if your contract is up for renewal, it’s best to shop around for the best deal that suits you. Here’s some examples of current monthly plans available from JT, Sure and Airtel.
We recommend that you also check out the data allowances of these deals detailed below; although we are focussing on voice calls the data allowances will also impact your choices.

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