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Christmas Planner

November 29, 2016 Top tips No Comments

Christmas Time

Do you feel under pressure and tempted to spend money that you cannot afford at Christmas? To help you stay within your budget, the Consumer Council has put together a food and present planner.

If you use this or any planner, you are less likely to exceed your budget, and your money should go further.

Can’t print it? We can pop a copy in the post to you. Please call on 611161 or email us at

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SEP 2016 EDTN 80

September 26, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Islands Pricewatch, Insurance Tax and 16 lunchtime talks to choose from…

Islands Pricewatch

We collected 103 prices across 9 items. Jersey was the most expensive for 8 out of the 9 items; and also cheapest for 5 out of the 9 items (notably three of these were at Rosedale Stores Gorey; whilst limited stocks last).

Insurance Tax

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a UK tax applied to general insurance premiums. There are two rates. Standard at 9.5% and a higher rate of 20% for travel insurance, mechanical / electrical appliances insurance and some vehicle insurance.

16 lunchtime talks to choose from…

We are pleased to offer the following ‘free’ lunchtime talks. The talks all run between 13:10 – 13:50. These sessions will be informative yet informal – you are welcome to bring your lunch.

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We’ve done something awesome for one autistic young man, and he did something even better for us …. Our new treasure trove of consumer information and at £0 cost to us!

April 15, 2016 Consumer Skills, Money Matters No Comments

We’ve done something awesome for one autistic young man,
and he did something even better for us ….
Our new treasure trove of consumer information and at £0 cost to us!

An extensive, new on-line resource, containing invaluable consumer information is available, with the unveiling of Jersey Consumer Council’s new website  Developed together with young entrepreneur, Jonathan Channing and supported by the Jersey Employment Trust and the Community Jobs Fund, the new site promises to equip Island consumers with a wealth of useful material, to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions.

Chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council explains:  “The guidance and lobbying materials the Jersey Consumer Council has been producing for over two decades, has been driven by what Island consumers would like to see.  The representation and guidance we provide is based on extensive research – undertaken by ourselves or other agencies.  Over time, we have compiled a huge amount of useful data; articles; tips; newsletters and advice and we decided that it would make sense to provide as much of this information as possible in one, accessible, regularly updated ‘library’.

“The easiest way to do this was to make our treasure trove of consumer information available on-line, but this required us to upgrade our website facility – something we lacked the relevant skills to do in-house.

“The Jersey Consumer Council is an independent body, with limited funding and so we applied to The States of Jersey Community Jobs Fund (CJF) and Jersey Employment Trust (JET) for funding and support, in which we were successful.

“Through a joint initiative with both the CJF and the JET, we were put in touch with Jonathan Channing, a freelance coder, who was looking to broaden his work experience.  Jonathan greatly impressed at interview, with both his skills base and the extensive preparation he had undertaken, on his own initiative, in advance of meeting us.  This included expanding his coding knowledge to incorporate Word Press and producing a mock-up of how he saw our website looking!

“Jonathan has recently been diagnosed with Autism, which he sees (as do we!) as a distinct advantage in his chosen career.  What he describes as his ‘unconventional thought processes’ are definitely an asset when it comes to the world of coding.

“We are delighted that Jonathan has been able to join our team to establish the Consumer Council’s new website, of which we are very proud.  We think that Island consumers will find it an amazingly useful source of important information, when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

“We are welcoming feedback from Islanders regarding the usability of our new site and the information it contains.  We’d also like to hear about any other specific areas of advice and research that consumers would like to see featured within the resources available at  Islanders can contact us by phone; email or through the social media links on the new site.

“In the meantime, we would like to thank Jonathan and congratulate him on the successful establishment and development of the Consumer Council’s new website.  We wish him all the very best in his future entrepreneurial endeavours.”

Travel Insurance

January 26, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments

Travel Insurance

Going on Holiday? Its easy to forget to arrange the travel insurance in the excitement of planning your break.

Top Tips for Travel Insurance:
  1. Make sure that the medical cover is adequate – to help pay medical bills £2 million medical cover is advised by Which for just Europe and £5 million for worldwide.
  2. Cover your gadgets – you may need to extend your home insurance to cover as single items on your travel policy may only be covered for £250.
  3. Missed flights and missed connections (make sure that this includes the Channel Islands)
  4. Check the cancellation provisions – how much are you covered for in the event of the holiday being cancelled by unexpected events e.g. illness.
  5. A good travel insurance policy should provide cover for Illness, injury or death while you are away; Repatriation (getting you back home
  6. Check that the policy covers
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Keeping in Touch With Friends and Family

November 18, 2015 Telecommunications No Comments



If you wish to stay in touch with friends and family either in the UK or overseas, here are some tips/information to help you through the various options of how to make the call as cost effective as possible. It no longer needn’t be expensive.

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Wills Matter

November 16, 2015 Home life No Comments
Last Will and Testament with old books and glasses

Wills Matter

We were delighted to host a great lunchtime seminar all about Wills. The talk had even the hardiest of listener contemplating how soon they would get cracking with making their will. It became quickly evident in our discussions that there would be many complications, family disputes and emotional roller-coaster rides following your passing for your family should you not have taken time to make a Will.
The talk went into details about a variety of areas including:

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Pensions – Questions to ask your Adviser

November 4, 2015 Home life No Comments

Pensions Update and Top Tips

In the recent UK Budget, George Osborne proposed a significant shake-up of UK pension arrangements, which if introduced, will allow individuals to extract all their pension savings in a lump sum at the point of retirement, subject to their marginal rate of income tax in that year.

Those who require the security of a guaranteed income will still be able to achieve this by purchasing an annuity. If an individual does not want to purchase an annuity, or cash-in their entire pension fund, they can remain invested and access their pension fund over time.

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Car Finance

November 4, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

Car Finance

A new car is the second most expensive purchase many people make, after their home. So, consider your options carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Research from the motor insurance group Esure shows that nearly a third of buyers do not even haggle over the price of a new vehicle, and only one in 10 spends more than an hour researching finance options. (Daily Telegraph, Sep 2009)

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Funerals Matter Guide

November 4, 2015 Information Leaflets, Reports & Publications No Comments
Funerals Matter

Funerals Matter


The death of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for every family. People are left at their most vulnerable and so trying to fathom what needs to be done to arrange the funeral, the range of choices and cost involved can be
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Money Matters report

November 4, 2015 Consumer Council Reports, Information Leaflets, Reports & Publications No Comments
Money matters report

Money Matters

Three key messages emerged from our survey:

  • We must all take personal responsibility for
    our financial health;
  • We must all research our facts and ask questions to help us make informed decisions and to better understand the bigger picture of what financial health entails – over the short, medium and long term;
  • Most importantly we must NEVER put our head in the sand – financial difficulties escalate not diminish!
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