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Holiday Car Hire: Top Tips

January 26, 2016 Top tips, Travel and Transport No Comments

Holiday Car Hire: Top Tips

Hiring a car abroad can often be a minefield. There are numerous ways in which car rental companies can charge you for extras that you may not want or need, and it is not always easy to understand what you’re buying.

But you can find trouble-free, cheap car hire abroad if you know what to look for. We have researched some key points for you from Which and the Guardian to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Follow our checklist to make sure you’re not forking out money unnecessarily for car hire abroad.

Before you know it, you’ve paid for them all (just to be on the safe side) and the price you now have to pay bears little relation to the one you thought you’d agreed on.

And all this before you’ve even got the car keys and you may find unexpected costs when you return the car at the end of your holiday, too.

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Nov 2012 Edtn 55 JCC Newsletters

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Nov 2012 Edtn 55 JCC Newsletters

Tenant’s Rights

The Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau has campaigned for many years for
legislation that would provide tenants with a greater level of protection.
Jersey relies heavily on the rental sector to provide accommodation for its
residents and it is only fair that there is a modern legal framework which
provides clarity and protection for both tenant and landlord.

In 2011 the Bureau saw a 10% increase in the number of client contacts and the year-to-date figures show that we
continue to see a high demand for our services. In 2012 the economic climate continues to give policy makers cause
for concern and at the Bureau we see how this impacts on individuals and their families. Housing problems are the
second biggest issue that the Bureau dealt with in 2011, with advice being given on 1,684 occasion

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Tenancy Deposit Protection

November 12, 2015 Home life No Comments

Tenancy Deposit Protection

From the 2nd November 2015, new legislation will require landlords and letting agents in Jersey to lodge their tenant’s deposits with mydeposits Jersey, a new tenancy deposit protection scheme authorised by the States of Jersey.

The legislation has been introduced to help raise standards in the rental sector by reducing the number of deposit issues between landlords and tenants and providing tenants with better protection from having their deposit unfairly withheld. Tenancy deposit protection has been a huge success in England & Wales for over eight years and deposit related issues are now minimal.

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Tenants’ Top Tips

October 23, 2015 Home life, Top tips Comments Off on Tenants’ Top Tips

The Tenants’ Top Tips to Renting ……

  1. Know what sort of property you are looking for; size, furnishes, with a garden, bath or shower, storage are pets important?
  2. The first big question to establish …fees – who pays for what and when.
  3. If the local tenant demand is high, it’s important to appear keen and reliable – always turn up on time for viewings and have references and reservation fees ready. You could even have your own credit report ready to show prospective landlords/letting agents that you are well organised and can afford the property.
  4. Sources of rental property..web based sources, newspapers, friends, noticeboards etc. MAKE SURE you know who is actually letting and introducing you to the property as this will impact on the fees!
  5. Find out if you move end before the end of your tenancy – liability
  6. Check out the rental property checklist below;
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Renting your Home and Condition Reports

October 23, 2015 Home life, Money Matters No Comments

Renting your Home Condition Report

Will Condition Reports help solve rental deposit disputes?

Disputes over the partial or non-return of rental deposits have consistently been amongst the most common issues of concern brought to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

It is therefore in order to ensure fairness between landlord and tenant that the introduction of the compulsory use of Condition Reports for landlords and agents who let accommodation under a residential tenancy agreement (‘tenancy agreement’) is so welcomed. But what do both parties need to do?

Details are available on the site at

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