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Gatwick Connect

October 27, 2015 Travel and Transport No Comments

Gatwick Connect

With an increasing number of Jersey passengers using London Gatwick as a ‘Hub’ airport, meaning they are connecting there to an onward flight – any service or facility offered that aims to make the journey as smooth and as stress free as possible is a welcome move, especially if that service is provided at no extra cost to the traveller!

Since May 2013, Gatwick Connect has been providing a complimentary airside check-in process for passengers connecting to an onward flight through Gatwick Airport with either easyJet, Flybe, Norwegian, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic or WOW (a low-cost Icelandic airline). This innovative service was introduced by Gatwick Airport as a result of extensive research as well as passenger feedback and is the first of its kind in a UK Airport, with over 250,000 passengers to date taking advantage of it.

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