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Dental Charges in Jersey

October 27, 2015 Health Matters, Money Matters No Comments

Dental Charges in Jersey

  • Is there an opportunity for a fresh approach to dental costs, treatment plans and dental care payment methods in Jersey?
  • In 2012 the Consumer Council highlighted that Islanders are avoiding visiting a dentist based on cost;
  • Our 2012 Primary Health survey indicated that 27% of respondents felt. Dental charges were so expensive it’s stopped them from visiting a dentist.

Which, February 2015 reveals that people who delay and cancel dental treatments because of cost can result in losing teeth, undiagnosed oral cancer and have serious health implications. The importance of Dental care cannot be underestimated. Extract from Primary Health Care Jersey Consumer Council Report ‘Target’ Proposals and Other Key Issues for Debate 2012:

  • Good Dental Health helps us communicate more effectively, eat and enjoy a variety of foods and generally contributes to better health and wellbeing.
  • Poor dental health results in pain, discomfort, sleepless nights, limited diet and therefore poor nutrition, time off work and school and poorer physical and mental health

In 2014 4insight ran 8 Focus Groups for the Consumer Council. The groups reported that cost is a key consideration in relation to dental care; resulting in consumers not attending any form of dental care.

We asked all the focus groups respondents ‘what are the first words/associations that come to mind in relation to dentist visits?’

The groups identified that some dental practices offer payment schemes so that they can at least access routine dental check ups ‘although these differ hugely in price’ from practice to practice.

There has been increasing disquiet in the national media regarding the transparency of dental charges. Our local dental practices are required to adhere to the standards specified by the British Dental Association including written quotations of planned treatments.

A separate Council investigation highlights that there are a variety of stated prices for treatments

  • Routine children’s examinations ranging from £24 to £32.50
  • Adult routine examination ranging from £28 to £65
  • White composite fillings from £50 to £175
  • Route Canal Treatments from £250 up to £1,025
  • Home whitening ranging from £249 to £550
  • X-rays start at £12 and can range up £135.00

(Prices based on the local dental websites giving treatment costs)

For a family of four to visit for a check up and possibly a simple filling will attract a minimum charge of £154; however check ups are a starting point and the bills may be considerably higher.

Only one website mentioned Dental treatment assistance from the States of Jersey – providing links to both options; Westfield for 65+ and the hospital dental service for children.

Patient Pleas from our Focus Groups….

  • We desperately need affordable dental care in Jersey
  • Clear awareness of prices before visiting a dental surgery
  • Please give us full treatment quotes and options. It feels uncomfortable to ask about treatment options.

Consumer Council Pleas

  • Better education to help children & everyone know how to care for their teeth
  • Greater transparency regarding costs & treatments
  • Patients are given options with pros and cons and longevity of treatment of remedial/treatment work
  • Is there an opportunity for a fresh approach to dental costs, treatment plans and dental care payment methods in Jersey?
  • The Consumer Council undertook an Island wide survey during June 2012, we were delighted with responses from 6,588 islanders’ to our self-selecting survey.
  • The survey was designed to gather information on Islanders experiences when paying for services in primary health care, including GP’s, Dentists and other items provided by allied health professionals. The survey also aimed to seek Islanders’ views on the perceived quality of customer care received. The questionnaire also sought to gauge the public mood on ways of paying for primary health care in the future.

Since the results were published Jersey has seen a shift in the pricing structure for patients attending doctors surgeries; some now offer consultations at no charge to the patient for under 5’s, and in some cases older children & teenagers. The Cooperative opened three medical practices offering 15-minute appointments at a charge of £30 for patients in addition to the preferential rates for young children.


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