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Condor Jersey Consumer Group Maiden Voyage is Scheduled!

May 20, 2016 Consumer Skills, Travel and Transport No Comments
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In a bid to address the frustrations some Condor Ferries passengers have experienced of late, the Jersey Consumer Council has established – the Condor Jersey Consumer Group.

The aim of the Condor Jersey Consumer Group is to open up positive communication channels between the company and its passengers and to facilitate independent, open and transparent discussions between all parties.

The hope is that this new forum will help to optimise the experiences of Condor passengers and alleviate the frustrations that many customers have endured in recent times.

The Jersey Consumer Council has recruited 14 members to the Condor Jersey Consumer Group who have been stringently and fairly selected from 39 applicants reflecting a varied range of passenger characteristics, across Condor’s sailing routes.  They will join members of the Jersey Consumer Council on the group.  Condor Ferries chief executive officer, Paul Luxon and Corporate Communications Manager, Helen Day, will also be attending.

The first meeting of the Condor Jersey Consumer Group will take place next week.

Executive officer of the Jersey Consumer Council, Anne King comments:  “We are pleased to have established this consumer-focused, independent forum.  By bringing together Condor with a cohort of passengers, we hope that the ensuing face-to-face dialogue will help both parties to fully understand the issues which need addressing, in order to optimise the service the company provides in the future.

“We were delighted with the number and quality of the applicants who came forward to participate in this forum.  The group needs to be relatively small, in order for it to be effective, whilst maintaining its representation and integrity. Whittling numbers down has been a difficult but necessary task and we would like to thank everyone who has offered their support to this initiative.

“We look forward to keeping Islanders posted about the progress which is made by the Group – we all have a vested interest in our ferry service working as well as possible.”


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