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Dec 2017 Edtn 85 JCC Newsletter

December 4, 2017 Newsletters No Comments

Newsletter Out Monday 4th December

As the Festive season begins to gather momentum we pause for a moment to consider Preventing Financial Pressure at Christmas.

It’s easy to get carried away spending at Christmas, however we are suggesting that in the flurry of preparations and parties we all stop, reflect and consider a few pointers to clarify our Christmas shopping to help prevent financial pressure. Our newsletter shares 6 simple pause buttons.

Christmas is a time of celebration, you don’t want it to be a time when you set yourself up with money headaches for next year.

Our December newsletter launches:

“Consumer Action is a Powerful Force”

It’s time to recognise that the Jersey consumer is a powerful force that is coming to the fore, have you joined this wave of change?

Interestingly the vast majority of online consumers are more than happy to vote with a click of their finger if dissatisfied.  It would seem that Jersey consumers are now prepared to vote with their feet when in retail shops and gaining a similar experience on price or service.

Our festive issue showcases the simple toolkit to support you in your purchasing routine.

A Real Mixed ‘Fruit’ Festive Cake Tasting

Mince Pies in 2015, Christmas Puddings 2016 and for 2017 we put the ‘Iced Fruit Bar’ to the blind tasting test.

lovely rich spice and alcohol aroma’

‘almond taste throughout’

‘a little dry and crumbly’


‘high fruit comment’

’loved the cherries’

‘not much marzipan’

Will you agree with our blind taste testing?

This edition also questions Meal Deals and what’s in the deal?

Meal deals are designed to offer a quick way to grab a full lunch with a main, a snack and a drink. However, there must be an art to understanding the offerings. Are you a meal deal expert or are the deals baffling to you too?

We have an exciting range of lunchtime talks on offer – from staying injury free on the ski slopes to wills, inheritance, scams, pensions & the new Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decision Making Law …

View talks

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Sep 2017 Edtn 84 JCC Newsletter

September 18, 2017 Newsletters No Comments

Thinking about Life Insurance… but not sure which policy is right for you?

Most people have two or three main protection needs that can be covered by Life Insurance (often known as Life Assurance):

Paying off large debts such as your mortgage in the event of your death.
• Family protection, where you leave behind money for your family to live on after you’ve died.
• Funeral expenses
Different types of insurance policies are good for different protection needs:

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June 2017 Edtn 83 JCC Newsletter

June 5, 2017 Newsletters No Comments

Local charity launches ‘Healthy Eating Week’ and encourages islanders to eat well and eat together

The first ever Caring Cooks of Jersey Healthy Eating Week takes place from Monday 12th June through to Saturday 17th June. The local charity which aims make nutritious and tasty food part of daily life is encouraging us all to think about how we can eat well and eat together, even when short on time and on a tight budget.

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Mar 2017 Edtn 82 JCC Newsletter

March 12, 2017 Newsletters No Comments
ersey Consumer Council Newsletter March 2017

Top Tips for employing builders or tradesmen…

Having building, general maintenance or home improvement work done can be difficult and stressful. It is important that you develop a positive and honest relationship with those undertaking work for you; the tips listed below will help you achieve that. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions, do your research and know exactly.

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DEC 2016 EDTN 81

November 24, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Yuletide Puddings & PriceWatch

we taste tested 4 budget and 4 slightly more luxurious Christmas Puddings from our local supermarkets – Now it is your turn to see if you agree with our testers!

Heading out for a festive meal? Can a Service Charge be added to your drinks bill? Equip yourself with the knowledge to fully understand service charges.

We have joined forces with Trading Standards to list out Ten Tips to help survive Christmas

The Channel Island Financial Ombudsman has been in operation for a year now and the latest results show just what you have been complaining about and whether they can help or not.

Fancy joining us for one of our #free lunchtime seminars? The next topics include Financial Mis-Selling, Long Term Care, Curatorships, Consumer Protection, SCAMS and more….

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SEP 2016 EDTN 80

September 26, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Islands Pricewatch, Insurance Tax and 16 lunchtime talks to choose from…

Islands Pricewatch

We collected 103 prices across 9 items. Jersey was the most expensive for 8 out of the 9 items; and also cheapest for 5 out of the 9 items (notably three of these were at Rosedale Stores Gorey; whilst limited stocks last).

Insurance Tax

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a UK tax applied to general insurance premiums. There are two rates. Standard at 9.5% and a higher rate of 20% for travel insurance, mechanical / electrical appliances insurance and some vehicle insurance.

16 lunchtime talks to choose from…

We are pleased to offer the following ‘free’ lunchtime talks. The talks all run between 13:10 – 13:50. These sessions will be informative yet informal – you are welcome to bring your lunch.

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July 2016 edtn 79 JCC Newsletter

July 10, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Travelling away in the next few weeks …

we suggest you take a closer look at the bar codes on your boarding passes. Do you know what type of information is embedded in therein?

Aggrieved? What are your options? Perhaps there’s one you haven’t yet considered? Mediation

Special Offers; BOGOF’S, two for the price of three and so on…We all love a bargain and being able to buy our groceries to include deals and offers. We are inviting islanders to send in receipts and examples of till naughties to us

If you had to name the top consumer complaint received by the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman in Q1 2016 what would you say?

Fancy joining us for one of our #free lunchtime talks? The next series of talks are due to start in early October ..what would you like to know more about? Please tell us

Plus Community Savings BIG Extras Savings Challenge.

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May 2016 edtn 78 JCC Newsletter

May 12, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Registering For a Manufacturer’s Free Warranty or Guarantee

You are in a rush to get your new gadget or kitchen appliance out of the packaging. You may have seen a warranty or guarantee card fall out of the box. What exactly is it for and should you fill it in? Trading Standards has provided answers to these

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Feb 2016 edtn 77 JCC Newsletter

February 29, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Diving into your chocolate egg on Easter Day is a seasonal favourite but, gram for gram, are you paying much more for your egg than an everyday chocolate bar?

TelCoWatch – Creating Greater Transparency in the Island’s Telecoms Market. …our new website.

How much do you know about the role and services of the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman?

Pricewatch ….back by popular demand we sharpened our pencils and went out to check on a few food prices in Jersey… there were potential savings of £1.60 between the stores.

Fancy joining us for one of our #free lunchtime seminars? The next topics include knowing your rights as Cohabitees, Prenuptial Agreements, Long Term Care, Person al Injury Claims, Staying Safe on line and Long Term Care….

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DEC 2015 edtn 76 JCC Newsletter

January 21, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

A Seasonal Word from the Chairman…

2015 has been a challenging and rewarding year, which has flown by. I am particularly pleased with the Council’s continued successes as we tackle

lots of different consumer topics and issues.

We are delighted that at long last the doors of the office of the Channel Island Financial
Ombudsman opened in mid November.

We hope you have benefited from our Dental Report, published this summer. We are carrying on with our work in the Residential Rental sector following on from our Rents Matter report.

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