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July 2016 edtn 79 JCC Newsletter

July 10, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Travelling away in the next few weeks …

we suggest you take a closer look at the bar codes on your boarding passes. Do you know what type of information is embedded in therein?

Aggrieved? What are your options? Perhaps there’s one you haven’t yet considered? Mediation

Special Offers; BOGOF’S, two for the price of three and so on…We all love a bargain and being able to buy our groceries to include deals and offers. We are inviting islanders to send in receipts and examples of till naughties to us

If you had to name the top consumer complaint received by the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman in Q1 2016 what would you say?

Fancy joining us for one of our #free lunchtime talks? The next series of talks are due to start in early October ..what would you like to know more about? Please tell us

Plus Community Savings BIG Extras Savings Challenge.

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May 2016 edtn 78 JCC Newsletter

May 12, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Registering For a Manufacturer’s Free Warranty or Guarantee

You are in a rush to get your new gadget or kitchen appliance out of the packaging. You may have seen a warranty or guarantee card fall out of the box. What exactly is it for and should you fill it in? Trading Standards has provided answers to these

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Holidays and Travelling

May 5, 2016 Reports & Publications, Travel and Transport No Comments

Holidays and Travelling

Each year thousands of us travel by ferry and aeroplane for summer getaways, weekend breaks, gap year adventures and to visit friends and family.

Although most of us have trouble-free journeys some do experience unexpected disruption to their travel plans and holiday arrangements.

The following articles visit some of the challenges and issues which help us to reduce the likelihood of the unexpected during our journey and to navigate our way should things no go quite to plan …

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Calling Cohabitees

April 7, 2016 Consumer Skills No Comments

Calling Cohabitees


Our next seminar is going to be rather you cohabit? Are you considering cohabiting? Perhaps it is worth knowing how you stand legally and what the rights and wrongs are of cohabiting?

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10 Top Tips Data Roaming

March 17, 2016 Telecommunications, Top tips No Comments

10 Top Tips


Check roaming prices and bolt-on solutions
with your mobile network
before you travel
Most operators will offer these, but check when it
commences –
it cannot be retrospective

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Telco Contracts – when does ‘Fixed Mean Fixed’?

March 17, 2016 Telecommunications No Comments

Telco Contracts – when does ‘Fixed Mean Fixed’?

When you sign up for a mobile phone, telephone or broadband contract you know you’re going to be committing to a fixed length contract, usually 12, 18 or 24 months.

You also know that the terms of that contract – including how much you pay for it – should be fixed over that period. The consumer is tied into that contract unless they pay an early termination charge (“ETC”) to leave before the end of the minimum contract period.

Remember that the Telco providers’ terms and conditions usually allow for price increases and variations to your contract during this term.

Thanks to a licensing condition called ‘fixed-means-fixed’ imposed by the regulator in April 2014, if your provider decides to increase prices part way through your fixed term contract, you should be given two calendar months’ written notice before the price rise and an option to end the contract penalty free. For example, if the amount of data included in your contract is reduced, you may end up paying more than originally agreed. As a result of change to licence conditions, you can exit the contract without penalty if the provider increases the cost of their deal.

This right only relates to changes to products within the list of services paid for by the recurring fee / subscription charge. If your deal includes a number of free services, the key point will be whether those were included in the original offer. If they were not, even if they were free originally, the operator is able to introduce a charge for them in future. It also does not apply other ‘out of bundle’ prices such roaming charges.

Please be aware that the protection afforded to you under ‘fixed-means-fixed’ only covers price increases ‘in-bundle’. In other words, your monthly allowances.

‘Out of bundle’ costs, being the amount you pay for exceeding your monthly allowances or new charges introduced for something which was originally free are likely to not be caught by this protection.

Our advice is to make sure you fully understand what is ‘in’ or ‘out of bundle’ when you sign up to a new contract and be aware that prices can change.


Feb 2016 edtn 77 JCC Newsletter

February 29, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

Diving into your chocolate egg on Easter Day is a seasonal favourite but, gram for gram, are you paying much more for your egg than an everyday chocolate bar?

TelCoWatch – Creating Greater Transparency in the Island’s Telecoms Market. …our new website.

How much do you know about the role and services of the Channel Island Financial Ombudsman?

Pricewatch ….back by popular demand we sharpened our pencils and went out to check on a few food prices in Jersey… there were potential savings of £1.60 between the stores.

Fancy joining us for one of our #free lunchtime seminars? The next topics include knowing your rights as Cohabitees, Prenuptial Agreements, Long Term Care, Person al Injury Claims, Staying Safe on line and Long Term Care….

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A Guide to your Rights when Flying

January 26, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments

Flying off on Holiday

Check out our Plane Facts guide which highlights your rights if things go wrong

It is important to be aware of your rights:

If your flight is delayed or cancelled you are entitled to assistance and in some cases compensation. If you are denied boarding because the airline has overbooked the flight, you are entitled to compensation.

Your rights are protected by European Law (Regulation (EC) 261/2004) and are the same regardless of the airline you are travelling with.

Your rights are protected for any flight from within the European Union (EU) and on flights from a non-EU country into the EU, provided the airline is licensed in the EU.

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Travel Insurance

January 26, 2016 Travel and Transport No Comments

Travel Insurance

Going on Holiday? Its easy to forget to arrange the travel insurance in the excitement of planning your break.

Top Tips for Travel Insurance:
  1. Make sure that the medical cover is adequate – to help pay medical bills £2 million medical cover is advised by Which for just Europe and £5 million for worldwide.
  2. Cover your gadgets – you may need to extend your home insurance to cover as single items on your travel policy may only be covered for £250.
  3. Missed flights and missed connections (make sure that this includes the Channel Islands)
  4. Check the cancellation provisions – how much are you covered for in the event of the holiday being cancelled by unexpected events e.g. illness.
  5. A good travel insurance policy should provide cover for Illness, injury or death while you are away; Repatriation (getting you back home
  6. Check that the policy covers
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DEC 2015 edtn 76 JCC Newsletter

January 21, 2016 Newsletters No Comments

A Seasonal Word from the Chairman…

2015 has been a challenging and rewarding year, which has flown by. I am particularly pleased with the Council’s continued successes as we tackle

lots of different consumer topics and issues.

We are delighted that at long last the doors of the office of the Channel Island Financial
Ombudsman opened in mid November.

We hope you have benefited from our Dental Report, published this summer. We are carrying on with our work in the Residential Rental sector following on from our Rents Matter report.

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