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October 28, 2015 Health Matters, Home life No Comments

Carers Support Service – Jersey Online Directory (JOD)


To strengthen our commitment to Health and Social Services, the Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau made a successful bid for the Carers Support Service. To some degree this helps form the changes to the way health services are delivered through the H&SS white paper, part of which is the provision of a ‘Citizens Portal’ or online directory, to enable everyone to have easy access to care services and support, tailored to their specific needs.

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Dental Charges in Jersey

October 27, 2015 Health Matters, Money Matters No Comments

Dental Charges in Jersey

  • Is there an opportunity for a fresh approach to dental costs, treatment plans and dental care payment methods in Jersey?
  • In 2012 the Consumer Council highlighted that Islanders are avoiding visiting a dentist based on cost;
  • Our 2012 Primary Health survey indicated that 27% of respondents felt. Dental charges were so expensive it’s stopped them from visiting a dentist.
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Gatwick Connect

October 27, 2015 Travel and Transport No Comments

Gatwick Connect

With an increasing number of Jersey passengers using London Gatwick as a ‘Hub’ airport, meaning they are connecting there to an onward flight – any service or facility offered that aims to make the journey as smooth and as stress free as possible is a welcome move, especially if that service is provided at no extra cost to the traveller!

Since May 2013, Gatwick Connect has been providing a complimentary airside check-in process for passengers connecting to an onward flight through Gatwick Airport with either easyJet, Flybe, Norwegian, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic or WOW (a low-cost Icelandic airline). This innovative service was introduced by Gatwick Airport as a result of extensive research as well as passenger feedback and is the first of its kind in a UK Airport, with over 250,000 passengers to date taking advantage of it.

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Critical Illness Insurance

October 27, 2015 Insurances No Comments

Critical illness insurance- How critical is it?

Research conducted by Omega Financial Services who advise on Critical Illness policies have established that a quarter of Critical Illness claims in the UK occur before the age of 40!

Back in 1986 Abbey Life launched the first Critical Illness policy with just 5 conditions covered, now there can be as many as 64 critical conditions covered.

People need to consider taking out appropriate cover earlier in life when premiums are cheaper. The excuse of ‘it won’t happen to me because I am young’ could not be more wrong.

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Buying Replacement Windows

October 27, 2015 Consumer Skills No Comments

Buying Replacement Windows

Buying replacement windows for your home is a big investment. If you’re planning to sell your house, they may increase the value. Replacing windows can also mean you opt for double glazing which can cut your energy costs, reduce noise from traffic, and improve the security of your home.

Before you decided to purchase any windows, visit the supplier showroom and have a look at the windows. Make a note of your requirements and what you are looking for in a new window.

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The Baked Bean Journey & Food Costs

October 27, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

The Humble Baked Bean…4000 miles and counting!

Everyone recognises the Heinz baked bean. But, what most consumers don’t recognise is the rather extensive journey our beloved beans undergo in order to reach our households in the Channel Islands.

We can purchase a can (415g) of Heinz baked beans for an average of 72p in the shops across Jersey. To some, this still remains a price subject to of the now constant criticism ‘well you wouldn’t pay that in England.

The fact of the matter is our little bean has a great distance to travel in order to satisfy consumers in both the UK and the Channel Islands. Along this estimated journey of over 4,000 miles and counting, the commodity is subject to numerous taxations, dues and other cost-incurring procedures which impact on its final price.

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Peer Pressure Purchasing

October 27, 2015 Money Matters No Comments

Peer pressure purchasing – how do we break the pattern?

“PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Absolutely everybody else has got one! It’s not fair!”

Sound familiar? Our parents would probably have replied, “I don’t care if everyone else has got one – we can’t afford it and you’re not having one!”. You laugh, but shouldn’t more of us be doing the same?

Saying no to our children is not always easy and if recent research figures are to be believed, the average parent spends £460* each year on things they do not need, but their children have persuaded them to buy. ‘Pester power’ is power indeed.

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P.O.Box 500

October 27, 2015 Scams No Comments
p o box photo

Featured on Bailiwick Express

P O Box 500

No Stamp Needed

A brave lady presented bundles of her SCAM mail to us earlier this year; she is receiving up to 8 letters a day mostly tempting her to buy her magical lottery winnings, how to secure inheritance monies & psychic help. Pat says…

’If you are receiving any of these SCAM letters please, please do not be too embarrassed to come forward & USE THE P O Box 500, so that Jersey Post & the Police can gauge the extent of the problem, The scammers are targeting the elderly and vulnerable people and it needs to STOP’

We firmly believe that Pat is just a number of Jersey residents who are being bombarded by SCAM mail – Age Concern members confirmed that many of them are also targets for these attempted fraud letters.

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Staying Secure at Cashpoints

October 26, 2015 Banking, Top tips No Comments

Staying Secure at Cashpoints

LINK is the UK’s cash machine network, providing you with access to your cash. The number of free machines is at an all time high, and to help you manage your money effectively you can also check your balance free of charge at any LINK machine.

Despite some recent high-profile incidents, cash machine crime is very uncommon. LINK have provided a number of simple steps which all cardholders can take to help fight ATM crime :

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Pet Insurance

October 26, 2015 Insurances No Comments

Pet Insurance

Is pet insurance an imperative purchase or are we barking mad to be forking out £20/£30 a month for a terrier? The tough recent financial climate has been well documented but whilst it was estimated that 48% of UK households owned at least one pet, over half do not have insurance for their canine companions and two thirds haven’t covered their feline friends.

There is no question that pets are expensive members of any household (dogs cost an average of £16’000 over the course of their lifetime) but this sum can balloon if we fail to take out a suitable pet insurance policy.

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